Pest Control Services in Singapore

With a steadily growing population of humans, a developed street- and fast-food culture,material waste comparable to many other developed countries, and a densely populated urban environment, Singapore fits all the criteria to experience the scourge of pests. Even the most modern, metropolitan cities with good waste management can be plagued by pests such as cockroaches, rats, and more. Singapore is no exception. In addition to these two pests, Singapore also has a problem with mosquitos that breed in stagnant water throughout the country’s urban areas and spread dengue fever and Zika. Then there are bedbugs, the scourges of a comfortable night’s sleep, fleas that can make the lives of you and your pets terrible, and ants, some species of which can give you painful stings.

In short, while Singapore is a jewel of Asia, it still struggles with the same pest problems that other metropolises and large cities experience. What follows is a list of several pest control services in Singapore that you can employ to help you get rid of pests that are making your life difficult.



Rentokil is one of Singapore’s oldest pest-control services – founded in 1964 in Singapore and 1927 in the UK. With more than 300 specialists throughout Singapore, Rentokil’s team will be able to help you deal with any pest problem. Its fumigation specialists are fully licensed, it has a long track record of working with both individual and commercial clients in a range of industries, such as the healthcare, food & beverage, and industrial sectors.


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Origin Exterminators

With more than 30 years of experience in the pest control sector, Origin Exterminators stand out as being the first pest control company in the world to receive the ISO 14001EMS certification for environmental responsibility, which affirms the responsible use of fumigation chemicals, other hazardous materials, and a scientific approach to pest control. To clear out a cockroach or bedbug infestation, you might need to use serious chemicals. But it’s always good to use just as much as you need, not more, and Origin Exterminators are true professionals in this sense.


Ikari Group, founded in Japan in 1959, came to Singapore in 1976. They specialize in pest, odour, and fungal control and, like Origin, tout their low-toxic method and integrated pest management as one of their main selling points. They say that they do not simply “spray and pray,” instead focusing on regular inspections, non-toxic treatments and solutions first and heavy-duty chemical approaches second. This pest control service could be a good fit for those who experience recurring pest problems, but who also have children or pets in the household and who don’t want to risk the potential side-effects of serious anti-pest fumigation chemicals on them.



Conquer Pest is another pest control and management company with over 30 years of experience in the field. They put special emphasis on their termite solutions, which, as they write, are an especially costly pest if left uncontrolled. Termites cause both cosmetic and structural damage to wooden structures, and their “exploratory feeding” can even damage PVC casings and electrical copper wiring. The result is a great potential danger of electrical fires, damaged plumbing, and more – all of which is costly and time-consuming to repair, especially if whole sections of walls or floors have to be removed to do so.



In Singapore, which is located in a tropical climate, pests are one of nature’s perpetual troublemakers. Mosquitos, ants, cockroaches, rats, termites and more thrive year-round in the warm climate. That’s why home and business owners have to take pest control seriously. By using reliable and experienced pest control and management companies, you can protect your home or business from the damage – financial, psychological, and emotional – that pest infestations cause. Good luck!